Friday, January 4, 2013

1-Month Healing Intensive with Ten Nebula


This is one-month intensive has been created for lightworkers & loveworkers who want to make a quantum leap in their healing. During this time on the planet, with intense energies changing the earth and us, we need to be prepared spiritually. This is a powerful way to connect with your inner self and to clear lower energies in a short period of time.

This intensive includes:
- Shamanic long-distance healing
- Psychic aura healing
- Goddess womb (women) or root (men) healing
- Reiki treatment
- Email discussion with Ten nebula
- 1-hr. Weekly phone sessions with Ten nebula

Available to U.S. residents
It is open to men & women.
You must have a daily spiritual practice.

Required Reading for this intensive:
1. Earth by Barbara Marciniak
2. You can heal you life by Louise hays

The total cost is $1,100.
You can make your payment using Paypal.


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